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Oakhurst Dairy history, strategies and company’s chocolate milk and other products.

Oakhurst Dairy Company is owned by the Bennett family in northern New England. Despite fierce competition, Oakhurst has become the largest independent dairy processor in northern New England. Oakhurst dairy was recognized for its formal sustainability program, which has set 20 percent reduction goals across aspects of the operation by 2014.

The company has established an internal process to monitor, evaluate, and benchmark improvements. Over a two-year period (2008-2010), Oakhurst reduced its plant energy, greenhouse gas emissions, water use, and transportation fuel use by roughly 10 percent each.

The company uses solar panels to give power to their factories, use rerouting software to reduce delivery routes, use aerodynamic truck side skirts to reduce operational costs and carbon footprints without declining its quality of a product. Moreover, the company is donating $300,000 to Maine schools so that children can eat after school meals at the end of each day.

oakhurst dairy, Oakhurst history and strategies, oakhurst milk, oakhurst chocolate milk, oakhurst coffee milk,oakhurst dairy farm,oakhurst dairy locations
Oakhurst Dairy

Types of Market Segment

The type of market segments targeted by Oakhurst dairy are:-

  • Demographic Market segments:-

Oakhurst’s focus is on children who use milk as part of their breakfast milk. Their marketing is structured in such a manner as to lure parents to buy the Oakhurst milk products for their kids.

  • Geographic Market segments:-

In regard to the Geographic market segment, Oakhurst’s focus is on providing the citizens of Portland with high-quality milk. It had done this by not only ensuring that its products are on the shelves of each and every store in the region. It also supplies its products to hospitals and schools and also organizations that are within the region.

Oakhurst Advertisements

Oakhurst use slogan “The natural goodness of Maine” in all of their advertisement which mean company purchase high quality milk from Maine farmers. Company focus on three things in their products and that are: – freshness, quality and variety. Company choose kids in their advertisements so that other kids will also attract towards it and their parents should buy products for their child which is good for their overall development. 

Oakhurst Dairy Products

Customers buy Oakhurst products because they know that company do not compromise with the quality of products. So in order to maintain the quality, the price rate goes higher but the company manages it by using sustainable practices in its supply chain. Consequently, mostly like Oakhurst milk and Oakhurst dairy products as compared to other brand milk.

Moreover, the company provides a variety of dairy products to their customers. They sell sour cream, butter, cheese, flavored milk, lemonades, cottage cheese, juices, and eggnog. Oakhurst chocolate milk and blueberry milk is one of the best seller product of the company Thus, variety and quality products are the reason why customers buy Oakhurst dairy products.

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Oakhurst Advertisements Strategy

Oakhurst Company does not feature famous personalities to advertise their products as other organizations do. Most of the big companies feature famous people in their advertisement because the company realizes that huge fan following of big personalities can rocket their product sales but companies have to pay a big chunk of money for endorsement.

In contrast, Oakhurst make simple advertisements and try to attract customer by their product instead of any personality. Company’s advertisements are short and easy to understand by television audience.

Oakhurst sustainable business model

Oakhurst sustainable business model:-

  • Oakhurst sustainable business model approach is the involvement of senior management in their commitment to the development of the sustainable business practices for efficiency. Commitment of senior management is to make manufacturing and operational sector simple and lean while using sustainable practices and follow environmental stewardship (saving water, soil and natural resources) in their business.
  • The other involvement of sustainable goals and practices are integrated in the entire business system so that company can focus on the best output from the system. Company use various sustainable practices like:-
  • Using hybrid trucks
  • Installing solar panels on the roof of company’s various buildings.
  • Use rerouting software to reduce the number of delivery routes.
  • The other aspect of the Oakhurst sustainable business model is the comprehensive use of the operating and the financial reports and communication of the business to ensure effectiveness and profitability in all units of the business. The operating and financial reports of the business bring out the result in which business should operate to realize its productive results with the resources being supported at all the levels of management.
  • The last aspect of the Oakhurst sustainable business model is monitoring environmental results and check the continuous improvement in the areas of operations of the business. For instance, the Company saved 88,000 gallons of fuel and lowered its carbon emissions by 894 metric tons only because of installing rerouting software in their system.

Oakhurst Advantage:-

  • Using various sustainable practices in their supply chain, the company get respect and appreciation from customers and more new customers will attract towards company. According to me, reputation plays a big role in increment in sales.
  • Oakhurst manages to reduce the price rate of milk products in a very competitive dairy market while using sustainable practices. The company reduces operational costs by using solar energy for their factories, uses b20 (20% soy and 80% petroleum) for their hybrid trucks.  This makes the advantage of Oakhurst over other dairy companies.

Companies do not compromise with their primary sector which is Oakhurst dairy farms also called’ Maine farms’. Oakhurst dairy farm location is mostly in the USA so, the company gives a fair price to farmers of the USA for their hard work, early or night shifts. This makes the bond stronger of farmer and company which is a lack in many other dairy companies.

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