Top Subscribed vlogging channels in India, 2021

Vlogging was not the preferable niche on youtube in back 2-3 years Ago. At that time, people were making only vines, sketch and motivational videos. With the passage of time, this niche was going popular among masses and now it has attracted one of the largest community of youtube towards itself. Now, more people like to watch Vlogging as they assume that they are virtually living with the vlogger.

So here , we will tell you about some Vloggers who have gained a lot of subscribers in a short span of time. this list contain top five vloggers of India with most subscribers.

The Vlogger who attained the first place in this list is Sourav joshi Vlogs. Recently, he has outnumbered Flying beast channel and become India’s no 1 Vlogger in a very young age.

Till now, he has 5.83 million subscribers on his channel. His content mainly contain the regular life of a teenager and his friends and family. Personally, I did not watch any single video of him but later this blog post i will start watching his content.

the second position goes to my favorite vlogger, who is Gaurav Taneja, and his family. he has almost 5.63 million subscribers till June 2021. I am his one of the regular video consumer.

I love his vlogs because he portraits his life through his videos in a very transparent manner, which other vloggers think twice to upload. Moreover, this family has diversity like his wife is from Haryana and he has a few roots in Punjab.

this mixture of two languages showed in their videos attracts the audience.

The third place is taken by none other than no- one’s favorite GouravZone. He is one of the top clickbait guy. if you watch his channel then you see that his every thumbnail is clickbait in order to increase views.

Personally, I think that his videos contain cringe and nonsense talk. I knew that it is harsh for his viewers but it is true. I also want his viewers to shift to other vloggers that provide decent content on a regular basis.

Mumbiker Nikhil has achieved the fourth spot in this list. We can say that Mumbiker Nikhil is the person that starts vlogging first or make vlogging famous in India. His subscriber growth was great in the last two years but now his growth is decreasing.

According to my analysis, I think that his way of speaking is fast and he mostly covers himself in the videos, and the importance of other members reduced. These are the reasons, I think for the slow increment in subscribers.

Thus, these are the top ranked vloggers who has achieved the top 4 positions in the lists, but the competitors are too much and they are also providing great content. there is great possibility that list will change in a very short span of time.

What you think, who will get the first position in terms of subscribers at the end of this year. comment your vlogger name in comment section.

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